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Aug. 29th, 2015 08:31 pm
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I'm not going to be a nice archivist here, because I am goddamn tired of this entire 1D mess, and generally of the 1D fandom. And that isn't just because I'm a Taylor fan and they can be kind of horrible to us. There's just so much 1D everywhere that I'm choking on it.
1. Zayn Malik left the band in March. This was a very sad change for many fans. I understood! I tried to be supportive of my 1D mutual on tumblr. Zayn was the hot one. And the problematic one.
2. Zayn drama-ed again. He retweeted something comparing Miley Cyrus and Taylor Swift's opinion on earning money, and in the process totally misunderstood Taylor's entire issue with streaming, which is that artists much smaller than her have issues, not her (but I'm not bitter!). He and Calvin Harris, Taylor's boyfriend, got into a fight on twitter. Drama ensues. Everyone had to take sides. Drama drama drama. If you're here, I'm sure you understand how fandom works.
3. One of the L-dudes (Louis? Liam? Honestly, the two of them and the other one, Edward? Justin? I googled it, his name is Niall) got a girl he isn't dating pregnant. Maybe. Fans currently hate the mother, Briana Jungwirth, except for the ones who like her, because fandom is fandom. So, Louis Tomlinson is going to be a father, and in twenty years a new set of fans can drool over the child.
4. Zayn (chill on the drama, bro) breaks up with long-time fiance, Perrie Edwards, of Little Mix, allegedly over text message. I listened to some Little Mix music today. It was okay. Also, Perrie cried onstage and aligned herself with Taylor, although the band performing in the 1989 World Tour was probably already set.
5. Possibly the most (not!) shocking news: One Direction is taking a break, but they aren't breaking up! Or so they say. We all know how this goes, and we all know that Harry (and maybe Zayn, since he jumped ship early) is the only one who is going to go on to have a successful solo career. Another boyband bites the dust.

Also in this weeks fandom news: Justin Bieber drops a new single and no one cares.

Sorry if this stinks of grudgewank (I'm really not), but I'm not trying to write an impartial account, I'm just trying to put the general feelings of fandom out there where I notice them. And I spent several hours getting an MRI and I'm cranky.
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I wrote this months ago. Take it how you will.

Content on Clare and her former fandom activities is disappearing rapidly, and over the past few months I have alternately searched eagerly for this information and avoided it and any mention of the subject as much as possible.

When I was a freshman in high school, my best friend offered me a copy of Clare's book and said I absolutely had to read it. I knew a little about Clare, but nothing entirely damning. By the time I entered fandom, her exploits had been mostly forgotten, and those who remembered were often silenced by her team of crack lawyers (a team that, oddly, did not involve Heidi8, her famous fandom pitbull lawyer. The divide between these two that has come to light eludes me and my research, although I'm sure there are those more dedicated to searching for it than me).

The most common complaint against Clare is that she is a plagiarist. This is true, and is outlined clearly in a post by a user named Avocado (although journalfen, the site where this is hosted, is currently down, there is a post about this on fanlore). Clare claimed that the quotes from popular shows such as Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Red Dwarf, as well as many others, were just "games" for her fans to find. However, Avocado found damning evidence, and submitted it to the fanfiction site where Clare's Draco Dormiens was hosted. Clare was found guilty of plagiarizing entire scenes from Pamela Dean's The Secret Country. From here, the story becomes much harder to follow, due in part to the loss of many groups and forums where this information was posted. Years later, Avocado posted her story, and details the various accounts Clare and her friends used to hide the plagiarism. For example, Clare claimed that she had written the passages down years before in a writing journal, and later found them and believed they were her own. Avocado was skeptical, and her account is the best place to find information on this subject.

Overall, fandom forgave Clare, and she later was able to get a full book deal out of the Draco Trilogy. Her published series are infamous among many fans for copying scenes almost word from word from her fanfiction, although the plagiarized sections were all cut. Nicely enough, she named this trilogy, the Mortal Instruments, after her Ron and Ginny incest fanfiction (I would link to this, but I'm trying not to get this post taken down immediately. I'm sure you can find it yourself. Also, I hope I never, ever have to see that story again, dear lord). Of course, there were still her bitter detractors--but her loyal fans soon silenced them, and even ran some out of fandom.

But Claire, you ask, why do I care? How on earth does Cassandra Clare's history as a plagiarist and a bully affect me?

I'm glad you asked. In the grand scheme of things, it doesn't. It does not matter. This doesn't affect your life, or mine. The thing is, she hasn't stopped. Plagiarism, sure. I haven't seen any proof of it in her published works--although, that may be because repercussions are far, far worse once you're making money off of something... If you want to read about her bullying, and about how she hasn't stopped, try here or here for relatively recent twitter and tumblr shenanigans. Overall, though, documenting over ten years of Clare and fandom is far, far too much for one blog post--you could almost write a novel about the woman.

Maybe all of this means nothing, and maybe it's too disorganized to follow (and such is the price we pay for so much of fandom history being lost), but I think Clare's story serves as a warning against BNFs (Big Name Fans) and how they can lead to strife and discontent within a fandom. Whether you love Clare or hate her, she's here to stay (and so are all of her stories, easily available online. Yes, even the incest).
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From journal based platforms to Tumblr, there was a large change. On Tumblr, it is far harder to organize a fandom, or multiple fandoms, to get large-scale projects done. The lack of comments is one thing that makes this difficult, and Tumblr fandom tends to be more scattered than LJ or previous incarnations were, because there are just so many blogs out there, and it's very easy to become multi-fandom and find a blog that has many of the same fandoms as you. I once saw someone express that they find it unlikely that something like the Organization for Transformative Works could be formed through Tumblr, and I have to say that I agree.

But that doesn't mean people don't try.

DashCon 2014 came from an idea that, as far as I know, had been posted and then reblogged for ages without anything being done about it. Tumblr users wanted a convention by them and for them. There were a lot of jokes made about the idea, primarily from older bloggers, but the idea went forward despite criticisms. Many involved in the planning stages said that a lot of the disasters were caused by shoddy planning, as was predicted by these older bloggers. Some people just don't plan before they spend thousands of dollars.

In July of 2014, DashCon 2014 was born. Bloggers headed to Illinois for the con, including two of my friends. The rest of Tumblr sat back to watch.

Dashcon, which was born as Tumblecon (Tumblr did not wish to be affiliated with it, which proved to be a wise move) and was crowdfunded on IndieGoGo and allowed people to preregister. The start-up had made a deal with the hotel they were staying at to pay gradually throughout the con as more people entered. However, the DashCon staff gathered all of the attendees into a room to break the bad news to them--someone from the staff of the hotel said that the con needed to pay $17,000 in advance or be kicked out of the hotel. The management of the hotel denied requiring this when asked, and denies it to this day. They asked the attendees for this money. I believe they claimed that people would get their money back after the con, or they later began to give it back once people complained. Either way, the majority of the money taken was in cash, and DashCon staff was not good at keeping track of who donated money and how much they donated.

The suspicious demand for $17,000 was not the only trouble the con faced. On Tumblr (because of course) reports began to surface that minors were getting into 18+ panels and that staff was not checking. This included minors getting into panels on BDSM and other topics of a sexual nature. Also, several creators left early, including Noelle Stevenson (pseud Gingerhaze, known for Lumberjanes) because Dashcon could not pay for their rooms. The Welcome to Nightvale panel was also canceled for similar reasons. Those who had paid extra to attend were offered an extra hour in the ballpit, which was a child's pool filled with balls. This has spawned many memes, as well as rumors that someone peed in the ballpit and other nasty occurrences involving it.

Dashcon 2015 has been canceled. Fandom marches on.


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